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He’s No Reagan

Twenty years ago today, the Berlin Wall fell.  Communism finally fell, freedom and democracy that Ronald Reagan pushed, prevailed.  It was a special moment in the hearts and lives of anyone that supported the fall.  It was something that should have never been forgotten.  Unfortunately, on its 20th anniversary, it is put at the bottom of the list for remembrance.  I ask myself, “If President Obama were President in 1989, if the wall had fallen, would he be picking up the pieces to put it back together?”

There used to be a time when America had leaders that would celebrate this moment each year.  Reagan started the movement, the fairly odd couple (George and George W.), and Bill Clinton continued it.  Now, the President puts remembering the fall of communism at the bottom of his agenda, even below using his power to advocate for the “Chicago Olympics.” Funny how he still acts like an Illinois Senator at times.

So, Today, there is no Celebration coming from the United States’ highest office.  While the fall of Communism is celebrated abroad, the start of Socialism is started domestically.  Our President continues to push his aggressive, big government agenda, one that if continued will not give much degree of separation from that of the former communist regime in Germany and the Soviet Union respectively.  Although his plans are Socialist and not Communist, Socialism is the first step towards communism.

What would President Reagan say about this snub of democracy?  I can hear his gentle, calming voice saying, “Mr. Obama….Shame on you.”  On this day, I think every American, Republican and Democrat, should echo the words Reagan would say and tell President Obama, “Shame On You.”

The video above is the closest we will get to spreading democracy for a while.  Let’s enjoy what America used to be so that we can temporarily forget what it actually is now.

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  1. Bill Pickle

    Enjoy your comments. Keep them coming.

    01/21/2010 at 4:11 pm

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