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My Theme for the Gop: Fresh Start for Government, Fresh Start at Home, Fresh Start Abroad

gop-no-ideas2In the midst of the ruckus in Washington, some wonder if there is any room for optimism towards the future.  The answer is clearly very subjective.  If you ask a Democrat if there is room for optimism, they are going to say yes because of the majority in both houses, the white house, and the initiatives that they plan to pass.  As for Republicans, it depends on what day and what democratic initiative is about to pass.  Some Republicans will say they are optimistic because the democrats under the leadership of Obama have failed at all of their initiatives thus far and the American people now see the light.  Then there is the faction of Republicans that is close to building underground shelters for the “ongoing” and “Soon-to-be” communist takeover of America.  So they say.

So where do I stand?  First, I think both parties have a lot to be proud of.  There hasn’t been a great depression, the terrorists haven’t blown up the entire country, the monetary system hasn’t failed yet, and a Russian professor’s prediction of a total collapse starting in October doesn’t seem to be in the works yet.  Whoever is in office would be blamed for these consequences, so it is a victory for all Americans, Republicans or Democrats.

On that note, the democrats have made a growing majority of Americans angry and fearful.  Taking insurance from 85% of the insured in exchange for a government option isn’t a very good idea.  Putting generations into debt, that is democrats including Rep. BOB INGLIS (R-S.C.), with stimulus plans that stimulate rats in San Francisco just don’t get the job done for most Americans.  Young men and women dying in Afghanistan without a clear strategy or a Commander in Chief leading, doesn’t sit well with most Americans.  Powerful democrats like Rep. Barney Frank openly admitting to plotting the takeover of freedoms and instilling more government regulation in our everyday lives just doesn’t sit too well.  The American people are waking up and see what is on the agenda.  This, I will have to say, shifts the enthusiasm and optimism to the Republican side.

However, I don’t think the Republican Party is able to lead the way quite yet.  There is nothing but bickering, power struggles, and a people identified by an elephant not knowing what their platform really is across the country.  Unfortunately, it is a party still creating an identity for itself after losing it during the past election cycle.  If the party is going to succeed and take over the country, as the Democrats hand over the reins after failing to make it better, I think they need to consider an achievable battle plan.  After a lot of thought, I have created a three-step roadmap or “battle plan” to seeing “Red” these next two election cycles.

  1. It starts with the platform.  When Michael Baroody, one of my heroes, wrote the Republican Party platform in 1980, people had a reason to shout “We See Red.”  Republicans knew what they stood for and they had a leader that could clearly articulate it.  Instead of being a party of “Straight Talk” and “Mavericking” it is time to go to a three-fold message that we don’t compromise with.  A message that goes back to the basics of conservatism and what a Republican really is.   I propose the theme, “Fresh Start for government, Fresh Start at home, Fresh Start Abroad.” The fresh start for Government calls for less government, less regulations,  more transparency in government, and more accountability in government.  The fresh start at home calls for more jobs, energy independence (by drilling offshore, coal and nuclear energy, and preventing any increased energy taxation), welfare reform, lower taxes that help boost the economy, and stronger incentives for joining the military.  Finally, the fresh start abroad initiative brings tax payer dollars, given to foreign countries that fail to stand with the U.S. during crisis, back to the American taxpayer, reduces U.S. troop levels across the world, calls for “accountability or abolition” with the U.N., and reaches out to Israel to restore ties destroyed by the Obama Administration
  2. After a clear platform (above) is created, building enthusiasm and energy across the grassroots level around it is key.  Gathering around the candidate will come with time, but knowing what we stand for is the most important thing.

    Myself with Energetic Young Republicans Chelsie Paulson and SCGOP 3rd Vice Chairman Adam Piper

    Campaigns to energize young people are one of the biggest parts of building this energy and enthusiasm at the grassroots level.   If we use technology and many of the techniques our opponents used in the past, we will be seeing a lot of “Red” at the grassroots level.  This will bring momentum unseen to the Republican Party in decades.  Focusing on our future and not our past, while pushing our platform, will energize all bases and allow the party to pick the best andidates and not the compromise candidates.

  3. Picking the RIGHT candidates will be a breeze if we accomplish the first two steps.  Knowing what we stand for as Republicans and building momentum around the foundation will bring forth energetic leaders that share our values and can promote them as President, in Congress, and in other elected positions.  There will not be any “Compromise” candidate as John McCain was.  There won’t be any need to stay home at the polls because the candidate just doesn’t share the right values.  If candidates back the platform, it will energize Republicans, and energize those seeking office.  Therefore, this will energize our government and allow us to see “Red” in the near future.
The likelihood of any of this happening anytime soon is probably dim.  From a South Carolina perspective, it has been great to see the reorganizing of county parties and the energy at tea parties.  However, all of these organizations and protests are pointless without a clear plan and a theme for the future.  Right now, I see none in the Republican party at least nationally speaking.  While I think my plan is great, I am sure a great many would disagree.  As for now, I’d call it anybody’s ballgame.  Speaking of which, it sure is a shame the Phillies and the Yankees can’t both lose the World Series.  I don’t want to cheer for either one! Go Braves!
myself with

Myself with Energetic Young Republicans Chelsie Paulson and Adam Piper

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2 responses

  1. Gregory Krabbe

    Haven’t yet had the time to read the entire site here, but we certainly seem to agree on Sen Lindsey Graham! He’s a fraud! Even when he votes right, it’s often for the wrong reason.

    10/30/2009 at 8:02 am

  2. Your “Fresh Start” piece was right on point. I look forward to the day that we can see these goals reached. Great work.

    10/30/2009 at 9:39 am

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