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What Does Being a Conservative Really Mean 2: Defining “True” Conservatism

limited governmentI thought I would go back to the article I wrote on Monday for further discussion.  I would like to thank Jim Lee, candidate for U.S. Congress in the upstate, for his comment.  He’s a solid Conservative and good guy.  Jim’s comment has spurred me to further clarify my convictions on being a “True Conservative.”  I want to make sure I am being very clear.  Many who call themselves a hardcore, nail hammering, trench fighting “True Conservative,” have very little understanding of what it means.  Sure, there are common stereotypes, but the social issues are the problem.

I cannot call myself a blood biting “True Conservative” because of the social issues.  I am a Pro-Lifer, Anti-Gay Marriage, and an Evangelical Christian.  You may be thinking, wait, this guy is a hardcore “True Conservative” then.  But no, I’m not and neither are you if you agree with me on these above stances.

A “True Conservative” believes in limited government, limited government programs, limited regulation, and tons of Freedom.  So what does this mean for social issues?

  1. Pro-Life- Most will say they are Pro-Life and this is the conservative point of view.  I disagree.  Most Republicans and Christians are Pro-Life, but this does not mean they are Conservative.  In fact, they are very far from it.  Being Conservative is believing in limited government control over private lives.  Limited government control means “control over what is only necessary to sustain the country.”  Therefore, regulating whether a Woman can have a medical procedure or not is violating this “limited government” approach that Conservatives claim to believe.  If you are a “True Conservative” you do not won’t the government telling you what you can and cannot do to your body;  you want them out of your life!  So, make sure you don’t say you are “VERY CONSERVATIVE” or are a “TRUE CONSERVATIVE” unless you are willing to accept being Pro-Choice.
  2. Gay Marriage- The practice of marriage is celebrated in many religions.  It has become of paramount importance to our society.  However, a “True Conservative” should never want their government to support this religious institution.  By the government supporting marriage, they are establishing a religious practice.  In effect, this establishes a religion over ever citizen under that government, giving the government the power and control to license and say who can and cannot be married.  This type of government control prevents members of the same sex from seeking marriage.  Not only does it push traditional religious views on homosexuals, the government controls a very personal area of their lives.  For this, a “True Conservative” should NEVER support even the institution of Marriage as it is because they stand for limited government control.   A “True Conservative” should call for the institution of domestic partnerships, marriage to be abolished as it is, and for Marriage to still be an important practice in their respective churches (not in a legal sense), just like baptism.
  3. Church and State- This is where it gets heated.  I am right there with you when you say the country was founded on Christian principles.  I do not doubt it and I strongly believe that.  However, saying you are a “True Conservative” means that you are willing to sacrifice this belief for great freedom.  As Mr. Lee said, “the separation was to protect religion from the state, not the state from religion.”  However, having religion in the state will have a certain eliminate of bias.  It is human nature to be bias, subjective individuals.  Therefore, certain denominational traits will be displayed by these religious views in government.  As a result, they will discriminate against the citizens that live in the respective country.  This leads to government saying what is acceptable religiously and what is not.  Subsequently, people in the country will be lead by a religious leaning they do not stand for.  This is why separating church and state is vital.  Many wars have been fought over religion and government.  The Muslims blow each other up every day because of it.  A “True Conservative” does not want their government to favor one religion over the other because this is government favoritism and negatively effects the way they will live their lives under new laws and regulations.

Be stunned if you want to.  A Republican who says “True Conservatives” actually believe social issues like a liberal.  I said it, I wrote it, and I stand behind it.  However, I don’t call myself a “True Conservative” just a simple to moderate Conservative.  Next time you are amongst friends or anywhere for that matter, make sure you know what you are saying when you say you are a hardcore “True Conservative”.  If you are one, don’t make excuses for why you don’t want to believe in the Social Issues the “True Conservative” way.  The reality is, the three social issues I discussed are being a “True Conservative” in its purist form.

4 responses

  1. True conservatives are a part of the Democratic party now. The Republican party is comprised of radical right-wingers and religious nuts.

    10/21/2009 at 1:11 am

  2. Excellent post on some often misunderstood terms. Interestingly enough, “Libertarians” should agree with Democratic politics on two out of three major realms of public policy: foreign policy and social policy. The third is economic policy, and it has been suggested that although technically they should vote democratic, libertarians generally vote republican because–well, because the wallet is more important than anything else. I will take issue with one of your premises: if marriage “has become of paramount importance to our society” why do half of all marriages end in divorce?

    10/21/2009 at 5:22 am

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  4. Thank you so much for clarifing some of the misconceptions associated with conservatisum. I agree with you whole heartedly. I wish I could have explained these issues as you have maybe I would have been spared the insults hurled at me – conservatives said I didn’t know what I was talking about and that I am not a TRUE conservative and the liberals tell me I’ve been brain washed by the left. At least I have a clean and honest brain. Thanks for all the time, effort and thought that you have put forth.
    Sincerely, C. Wallace

    11/01/2009 at 7:03 pm

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